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Waste to Energy (WTE) can reduce the volume of waste by about 90 percent, resulting in a 90 percent decrease in the amount of land  required for waste disposal. The WTE process is a cyclical process. Waste is collected or dropped off from homes and businesses, that waste is tipped out of waste trucks at the WTE plant, that waste is sorted and processed into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), the RDF is fed into the WTE plant reactor, the reactor produces syngas, that syngas operates the engines, those engines produce electricity, that electricity flows to the grid, the grid power homes and businesses and those homes and businesses generate waste that starts the process all over again.

Waste to Energy Plant: The Kyros Energy technology uses Municipal Solid Waste
(MSW) that is converted to Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) as a fuel feed for the gasification process to produce electricity and heat, a process that transforms un-recyclable waste into energy. 

Electricity Extension Solutions: Kyros Energy provides numerous electricity extension solutions and components. Kyros Energy can provide a complete power system or individual components to enhance, extend, substitute or provide new for any existing power generation solution.


Waste Managment Solutions: Kyros Energy provides various waste management solutions and components to create a waste management solution or assist in current operations of an existing waste management solution. As part of the waste managment solution, Kyros Energy will lead a marketing and public relations campaign to educate and encourage waste collection, determine waste pickup and drop off times and locations and how to efficiently utilize and eventually eliminate the need for landfills.

Construction Operations: Kyros Energy offers a wide range of engineering, construction and maintenance services to some of the world's most demanding job sites. The staff of expert civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers and their support teams will carefully assess project requirements, terrain and obstacles to design operations from start to finish.